Participant terms & conditions

Conditions and guidelines for Run against Cancer campaigns for the benefit of the KWF Dutch Cancer Society.

Run against Cancer forms part of the Queen Wilhelmina Fund for the KWF Dutch Cancer Society, hereinafter to be referred to as KWF.

Wherever we refer to runner(s), participant(s) or volunteer(s), we will be referring to m/f. Participant: person who participates with a sports event after registering with Run against Cancer.

  1. Any Run against Cancer participant endorses our mission: less cancer, increased chance of a cure and a better quality of life. Participants will consider KWF’s objectives when participating with an event, as well as our starting points for a healthy lifestyle. Participation is open to anyone aged 18 years and above.
  2. KWF never wants to be associated with the tobacco industry as a result of its anti-smoking policy and the very clear relationship between smoking and cancer. Participants will therefore never involve organisations which operate in the tobacco industry within the context of these activities. The running competition which the participant is participating with is a smoke-free event.
  3. Participants can use the means of communication made available to them by KWF. The Participant will submit all publications in which we are mentioned or where the KWF campaign sticker is used to KWF for approval.
  4. KWF asks every participant to collect 500 Euro in order to participate with Run against Cancer, after which the Participant will receive his starting ticket and T-shirt. KWF will pay for the Participant’s starting ticket when completing the sports event as a Run against Cancer participant.
  5. The KWF Dutch Cancer Society is the beneficiary of the amount collected by the Participant.
  6. The Participant will not need to pay any registration fees.
  7. The ultimate deadline for collecting the 500 Euro is 15th August 2023.
  8. Any Participant not able to collect the 500 Euro for the KWF Dutch Cancer Society will not be able to participate with the Run against Cancer. The money already collected can’t subsequently be reclaimed.
  9. The money already collected and the registration costs paid can’t be reclaimed in the event the Participant withdraws and deregisters from Run against Cancer.
  10. Donations are non-refundable. Even if participation can’t take place due to exceptional circumstances, including, but not limited to, weather conditions and (local) government decisions, there will be no refund of the donations deposited on the campaign platform. The donations will benefit KWF’s objectives.
  11. Any communication regarding participation will be done via email. It’s therefore important for the Participant to provide KWF with an email address. Participants always have the option of withdrawing their consent via Once the email address has been deregistered, the Participant will no longer receive any communication from Run against Cancer.

You can find the TSC Amsterdam Marathon general terms and conditions here: 

These terms are leading.