Better medical treatments for all patients

When you get diagnosed with cancer, you naturally want to be treated in the best way possible. Whether you go to a regional or academic hospital. Scientists research new treatment methods particularly in the larger, academic hospitals. Such hospitals are located in the bigger cities. So how do we ensure that these treatments reach patients in smaller hospitals in the surrounding regions?

About the project

The answer is this new research project supported by KWF. It links academic hospitals to the regional hospitals in the province of North-Holland and Flevoland. The hospitals involved set up a so-called 'infrastructure for patient studies'. This collaboration makes it easier for patients from the regional hospitals to participate in scientific research. And thus benefit faster from new medical treatments. It also has many advantages for the researchers. Because more patients participate in their research, they are able to complete it more quickly. This makes them more likely to make the new treatments available sooner to even more patients.

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