Happy Feet Running Against Cancer

NN Marathon Rotterdam

We are running buddies based in Singapore and we will be running against cancer

We are running buddies from Singapore and we are running against cancer in Rotterdam. Priscilla's mom is battling cancer right now and Renee's mom passed away of cancer almost 8 years ago. We hope that we can contribute a bit towards eradicating the big C!




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"We’re behind you all the way, Renee!"

Poh Suan
doneerde 320

Maggie Toh
doneerde 230

Maggie Toh
doneerde 90

Beatrijs Hollander
doneerde 75

"Sukses met de voorbereiding en ik kom je aanmoedigen!"

Tengchee Khoo
doneerde 66

"Keep up with the good work!"

Lisa Low
doneerde 65

"Hi Pris, wish you all the success in your fund raising."

Heather Reutens
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Hockswee Lim
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"Keep running for a good cause."

Cs Chew
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"Keep on Running!"

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"Priscilla, cheering you on. Go, go, go."

Grace Ong
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Dolly Goh
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Ay Neo
doneerde 58

"All the best for a successful run and fund raising."

Anton Reiter
doneerde 50

"Dear Priscilla! My respect and thanks for your initiative. Healthy people are usaullay not aware what it means to suffer and be retarded because of a severe disease. All the best Toni"

Harm Van De Bult
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doneerde 50

Andrew Ee
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Avalyn Lim
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"All the best Pris!!"

Grote Zus
doneerde 42

"Geweldig dat je dit doet!"

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"All the best raising funds for a worthy cause!!!!"

Jia Zhen
doneerde 40

"All the best for the marathon. My best wishes to your mum. We are all cheering for you from Singapore and London!"

Richard Lim
doneerde 25

"All the best to you Pris Chew! Keep running keep going for a good course."

H Vd Bult
doneerde 20

doneerde 20

"Lieve Renee, super dat je dit doet, we steunen je graag!!!💗💗💗💗"

Noor Aishah
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Gladys Pang
doneerde 19

"You are a loving and caring daughter. Great work for the research team. Convey our love and warmest regards to your mum and dad."

Laura Bosker
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Anouk Dezaire
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Renee Bult
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Wendy Van De Bult
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"Ik doneer nichtje! Ik weet er helaas alles van. Heel veel succes volgend jaar. Gr Wendy"

Tina Cha
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"Goodluck Priscilla!"

Sophia Tan
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"You go gal! :)"

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