Laura H Bland

Ren tegen kanker
Utrecht Marathon

Ik ren tegen kanker tijdens de Utrecht Marathon

I am participating in a half marathon to raise money for cancer research: money that is badly needed, because still 1 in 3 people in the Netherlands are diagnosed with cancer. Running is definitely not my favourite thing and this will be a huge challenge for me. Sponsor me and help KWF with funding important research on cancer. On behalf of me and KWF: thank you!

Thank you to my Sponsors

Alistair Mr Taylor
Donated 100

"Laura, your energy, enthusiasm and diversity is exhausting but truly inspirational. You are 'CAN DO' girl, well done"

Emma Bell
Donated 50

"Great incentive Laura, you’ll nail it! Lots of love and luck to you X"

Dad! :-)
Donated 50

James & Sam
Donated 30

"Well done Laura. Awesome effort. Love James and Sam xx"

Colin Mr Taylor
Donated 25

"Good effort babe. Love Dad xxx"

Elise Setter
Donated 25

"Good luck frond! I know you’ll smash it like you do your tatties"

Debra Mrs Taylor
Donated 20

"You’ll do great babe xxx"

Alison Dr Younger
Donated 20

"Proud of you, lady. Xxx"

Donated 20

"I think it's really admirable that you're doing this and I wish you alle the best!"

Ronald Forbes
Donated 20

"Go get 'em Laura"

Liam Binnie
Donated 20

"Go on James!"

Cave Meston
Donated 15

"Good Luck Glenda!"

Donated 10

"Rather you than me! Good luck xoxo"

Natalie Pendleton
Donated 10


Ellen Bourke
Donated 5

"Good luck Laura x"

Teus Polhoud
Donated 5