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Utrecht Marathon

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I run 42 km against the cancer during the Utrecht Marathon

I participate to raise money for cancer research. Sponsor me and help KWF with the financing of important cancer research. On behalf of me and KWF: Thank you very much in advance for your contribution to this cause. 


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I run 42km against cancer, do you support me?

I am running a full marathon(42km) against cancer on 19th April 2020. Together with KWF, I am collecting money for research on cancer.

There are more than 100 different types of cancer. Each type of cancer is a different disease with its own treatment. Thanks to scientific research, knowledge about cancer is constantly increasing. Because of this:

  • Is better known how cancer arises and behaves

  • Cancer can be detected earlier, faster and better

  • Are treatments more effective, targeted and safer

  • Has the quality of life for (ex) patients improved

  • More people survive

KWF is associated with multiple hospitals and surgeons across the Netherlands. Some current research projects associated with KWF are listed here.

  1. Immunotherapy(defense against cancer): researchers have developed methods to arm the patient's immune cells in the laboratory against the tumor. This way the patient becomes his own cancer fighter. More and more applications are becoming available.

  2. Detect cancer in a drop of blood: diagnosis of cancer is now often a matter of expensive scans or taking pieces of tissue. How nice would it be if a little bit of blood were enough? Researchers are working on this in various KWF projects.

  3. Save radiation: Jelena was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer at a young age: a  large tumor in the middle of her head. The operation proved impossible, so a radiation plan was made. Thanks to proton therapy, a new form of radiation, many side effects were saved.        

The goal is to have a world without cancer, Together we are getting closer. Thank you very much for your contribution.


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Rudolf Lauret
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"Ravindra I appreciate very much your efforts to get rid of this terrible disease."

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Kushagra Sharma
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Paul Zekhuis
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Jan Hollander
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"Yo, pel do"

Ilse Verkuil
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Ravindra Bangrawa
doneerde 20

doneerde 20

"Good luck. Il be with you, not as a runner but on your shoulder as your guardian angel. 👍"

Raul Tiru
doneerde 20

"Thank you for the effort. Keep up the great work ;)"

Sjoerd Jonkers
doneerde 20

"Thank you for your effort and good luck!"

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Prakhar Singh
doneerde 20

"Kudos !!!"

Marco Van Dijke
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Joost Van Rietbergen
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