TSS Public Academy Advanced 2020

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Together against cancer

I'm taking action to raise money for cancer research. This is very much needed, because 1 in 3 people in the Netherlands is still diagnosed with cancer. Sponsor me and help KWF with the funding of important research into cancer. On behalf of me and KWF: thank you!

Ik kom in actie om geld op te halen voor kankeronderzoek. Dat is heel hard nodig, want nog steeds krijgt 1 op de 3 mensen in Nederland de diagnose kanker. Sponsor mij en help KWF met de financiering van belangrijk onderzoek naar kanker. Namens mij en KWF: dankjewel!

Je prends des mesures pour collecter des fonds pour la recherche sur le cancer. C'est une nécessité absolue, car aux Pays-Bas, une personne sur trois est encore atteinte d'un cancer. Parrainez moi et aidez KWF à financer d'importantes recherches sur le cancer. Au nom de KWF et de moi-même : merci !

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"Op 10-10-2020 loop ik zeker mee, hierbij een persoonlijke bijdrage van €10,- Zelf zou ik de marathon van Rotterdam lopen afgelopen jaar, deze is al 2 keer verzet en nu hoop ik hem komend voorjaar te lopen. Hierdoor ben ik wel geïnspireerd om een goed doel aan deze deelname te hangen."

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Mijn updates

Your own individual TSS Academy Advanced KWF challenge run

Monday 21st Sep

Unfortunately, more and more beloved people in our communities and families have to deal with a fight against cancer. On the long term, this fight can only be won with sufficient financial means.

The KWF cancer association was founded in 1949. Back then, the prognosis for cancer patients was bleak: 5 years post-diagnosis, only 1 out of 4 cancer patients was still alive. Nowadays, this number has increased to 2 out of 3.

During the TSS Academy Advanced 2020 we will combine the support for this KWF cancer association with a unique sportive event. You will get the opportunity to participate at your own individual TSS Academy Advanced KWF challenge run and TSS will double your sponsor amount.

So for example:

  • Daniel van Dongen from PharmaPartners in Oosterhout is able to find 5 sponsors who contribute 10 euros to the KWF cancer association per accomplished kilometer.

  • So he will receive 250 euros from his personal sponsors after having finished the 5 kilometers at a moment during the TSS Academy Advanced.

  • TSS will double the amount to 500 euro and will transfer the total amount of all participants to the KWF. 

During the TSS Academy Advanced we will monitor the individual sportive challenges and we will continuously show the amount which we have brought together during our presentations.

Our aim is to bring together 5000 euros (!) for the KWF cancer association during the event of 9&10 October. Finally, if you are not able to run, you can also accomplish your personal challenge by swimming, cycling or walking.

For everybody who will participate at the individual TSS Academy Advanced KWF challenge, TSS will provide you with a nice activity tracker that can easily be connected by Bluetooth with your mobile device. 

Because we are all sportive people at TSS Public, by default, we count on your participation

With kind regards,

Han Knooren (who will run 15km on the early Saturday morning 10 October)

Together against cancer

Tuesday 1st Sep
Cancer affects us all. Every year about 45,000 people die as a result of cancer. This makes the disease the number one cause of death in the Netherlands. Less cancer, better medic support and a better quality of life for cancer patients. That is the goal of KWF Kankerbestrijding.

TSS Public Run against cancer!

Tuesday 21st Jul

Cancer is the second leading cause of death worldwide. Together, we will change that. We’re asking for your personal commitment to take positive action against cancer.

Why cancer? Cancer is a critical health and human issue. Today, 9.6 million people each year will die from cancer. Making it the second-most deadly disease. Yet, at least one third of cancers can be prevented. This gives us all every reason to act.

So this weekend of TSS Public Academy Advanced we want to contribute to the KWF by running! We ask all our participants and the organization of the TSS Public Academy Advanced to run against cancer. We ask them to get a sponsor ( or sponsor themself) and we will double the amount.

Thank you for supporting

KWF Kankerbestrijding

Kanker raakt ons allemaal. Jaarlijks sterven er zo'n 45.000 mensen als gevolg van kanker. De ziekte is hiermee in Nederland doodsoorzaak nummer één. Minder kanker, meer genezing en een betere kwaliteit van leven voor kankerpatiënten. Dat is het doel van KWF Kankerbestrijding.