When does the TCS Amsterdam Marathon take place?

This years’ edition takes place on October 16th 2022

How much is the registration fee?

We do not charge an entry fee for the TCS Amsterdam Marathon. You can Run against cancer in two ways.

1) Register and raise a minimum of 500 euro. Then you will receive a entry ticket from KWF and a unique Run Against Cancer T-shirt. You have until August 16th  to raise 500 euros in sponsorship money. After that, you cannot get a free ticket through us anymore and you have to buy your ticket yourself through the TCS Amsterdam Marathon. So the sooner you have the minimum amount together, the better!


2) Register at the TCS Amsterdam Marathon and create a Run Against Cancer fundraising page. There is no minimum sponsorship amount that we ask from you. If you do raise more than 500 euro, you will be rewarded with our unique Run Against Cancer-shirt!


When will we receive the schedule and all the information about the day itself?

This information will be emailed up to 1.5 weeks in advance. Participants will also receive general information from the organization itself. The information we send you is leading.

Can someone else run for me when I unexpectedly cannot?

Yes, you can. However, if it is shortly before the event, it may not be possible to change the name on the entry ticket. Please contact Patricia about this at rentegenkanker@kwf.nl.

Can I change the distance for my run?

Yes, this can be done up to six weeks before the event. At least before the start numbers are printed. This only applies to participants for KWF arranges the tickets.

I have registered individually but belong to a team, can you adjust this?

You can form a team upon registration. If this has gone wrong during the registration process, please send an email to Patricia at rentegenkanker@kwf.nl. It is not possible to change your individual registration into a team registration afterwards.

What is the minimal amount runners can need to put together a team? And is there also a maximum number of participants?

As of two people. There is no maximum number.

I am running a fast time and would like to start in one of the first starting boxes, is that possible?

You will receive a registration link from us via email as soon as you have raised 500 euros. You can then enter your target time. Based on that information, you will be placed in the right starting area.

What time is the start of the various distances?

You can find this information on the website of the running event you are participating in.

What is the minimum amount in sponsor money that I need to raise to be able to participate?

If you have chosen to register with KWF, we ask you to raise at least 500 euros before August 16th st 2022 You will then receive your ticket and a unique Run Against Cancer T-shirt from us. If you do not manage to raise 500 euros before then, you will not be able to get a free start ticket from us. You can buy this yourself via TCS Amsterdam Marathon.

If you have registered with the TCS Amsterdam Marathon, there is no minimum amount. If you raise 500 euro or more, you will receive the unique Run Against Cancer T-shirt.

I will not be participating after all. What happens to the money I raised?

If you decide not to participate after all, the money already collected will not be refunded. These remain donations to KWF.

My employer wants to sponsor me. How does that work?

We prefer to receive donations via your fundraising page. Your employer receives an email confirming the payment at the specified email address.

Is it not possible to transfer the donation through your fundraising page? Please send us the following information to rentegenkanker@kwf.nl :

- Company Name 

- Contact name

- Donation amount

We will then create a donation request (invoice). This request will contain a reference number linked to your action. This invoice can be paid via the bank. When the donation is in our account, we will manually add it to your fundraising page.