How it works

How participating in Run against Cancer works

This year, the TCS Amsterdam Marathon is once again supporting KWF. The organisation calls on every participant to contribute to a better life for people affected by cancer. Run against cancer and for life during the marathon through our capital city! Alone or in a team with friends or colleagues. You can take action in two ways. Join in your own way.

Ticket KWF

Free ticket

Run together with team KWF. We will arrange your starting number, you will get a free unique Run Against Cancer T-shirt and we will come to cheer you on in Amsterdam. What do we ask of you? A healthy dose of motivation and 500 euro sponsorship money. Every euro you raise contributes to groundbreaking cancer research. You have until August 15th to raise 500 euros in sponsorship money. After that, you cannot get a free ticket through us anymore and you have to buy your starting ticket yourself at the TCS Amsterdam Marathon. So the sooner you raised the minimum amount, the better!

  • Free entry ticket*
  • Free Run against Cancer shirt
  • Minimum of 500 euro in sponsorship money
  • Your own fundraising page
* You have until Aug 15th to raise the minimum amount in sponsorship money
Ik regel het zelf

Buy your own ticket

Do you want to participate but run a different distance? Or do you not know whether you will raise 500 euros in sponsorship money? Buy your ticket for the TCS Amsterdam Marathon and raise money for cancer research through your own Run Against Cancer fundraising page. TCS Amsterdam Marathon will inform you about your race number.

  • Get your own entry ticket
  • No minimum amount in sponsorship money
  • Free Run against Cancer shirt if you raise at least 500 euro in sponsorship money
  • Your own fundraising page


Free entry ticket

Get your own entry ticket


8, 21 and 42 km

Any distance

Entry ticket

Free through KWF

Buy your own

Sponsor amount

Minimal 500 euros

No minimum amount

Run against Cancer-shirt 


If you raise 500 euros in funds

Fundraising page



Facebook Community



Making an impact is easier then you may think

Start your action

Sign up to Team KWF. Alone or with a team of friends or colleagues.  You can participate in two ways. 1) Register via KWF. Raise a minimum of 500 euros before 15 August and KWF will reward you with a free starting ticket as well as the Run Against Cancer shirt. 2) Buy your own ticket. Create an fundraising page and start raising money. If you raise 500 euros your will receive the unique Run Against Cancer shirt.
Make sure you are not too late; the marathon often sells out. Don't raise 500 euros unexpectedly? Then buy your starting ticket via TSC Amsterdam Marathon.

Share your action

The more people you engage, the faster you will reach your goal. Fill your action page with your personal story and use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and WhatsApp to share your action. This way the news that you are raising money for cancer research will spread quickly! You'll be surprised at the number of people who will help you reach your goal.


Achieved your target amount? Great! Feel like raising the bar even higher? Increase your goal and raise even more funds. Together we can create hope instead of hopelessness for everyone that is affected by cancer.