NN CPC Loop Den Haag

10 March 2024

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Run and raise money at the NN CPC Loop Den Haag

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Run against cancer during the NN CPC Loop Den Haag. Individually or in a team of friends or colleagues. You can participate in two ways: 
1) Register with KWF. Raise the minimum sponsorship amount of 500 euro before February 10th and KWF rewards you with a free ticket and the Run against cancer-shirt. 2) Buy your own ticket. Create a fundraising page and start raising money. If you raise at least 500 euro you will be rewarded with our unique Run against cancer-shirt! If you don't raise the 500 euro in time, you can buy your own ticket for the NN CPC Loop.

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The more people you engage, the faster you will reach your goal. Fill your action page with your personal story and use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and WhatsApp to share your action. This way the news that you are raising money for cancer research will spread quickly! You'll be surprised at the number of people who will help you reach your goal.


Achieved your target amount? Great! Feel like raising the bar even higher? Increase your goal and raise even more funds. Together we can create hope instead of hopelessness for everyone that is affected by cancer.

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NN CPC Loop The Hague

This Hague running classic is internationally renowned for its top-level half marathon. During the NN CPC Loop The Hague, sports enthusiasts of any age get the chance to outdo themselves on the beautiful, fast course. The NN CPC Loop The Hague also counts as a family event. This is the second year you can Run against cancer during the NN CPC Loop. Don;t miss out on this wonderful event! Choose from 5 km, 10 km or a half marathon (21 km). 

Who do you run for?

Everyone will at one point be confronted with cancer. Whether you have it yourself. Or someone you care about. Cancer unbalances your life.

Turn despair into power.

These participants are running against cancer during the NN CPC Run in The Hague. All with a story of their own. Who are you running for?

(In Dutch)

Participating in the CPC Run is a tradition for us. This is the first time we will raise money with our run. For KWF, but especially for our father. Because if it had been up to him, he would have still been there in 2023."

Read the testimonial of brothers Laurens (45) & Marnix (47)

"We do this mainly because we enjoy it. But we have also experienced cancer up close. That gives us extra motivation to raise money for others who have been affected by cancer."

Read Milou (38) & Danitsja's (38) story

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What are we running for?

Better life during and after cancer

That is what scientific research is all about as far as we are concerned. Research that leads to earlier detection, better treatments and optimal care for everyone affected by cancer. Thanks to scientific breakthroughs, more and more people are surviving cancer. Or improve their quality of life if they do not get better. That is why KWF continues to invest unabatedly in research. Run against cancer during the NN Marathon Rotterdam and contribute to our mission.

Aftermovie NN CPC Loop 2023

2023 was the first year participants of the NN CPC Loop could Run against Cancer. And it was a huge success. Check out their stories and be inspired. Are you running with us next year?

Together we can make a difference with or without cancer

By mobilising volunteers, activists and talents

we make the most of the power of our community. Together, we make a difference for a better life without and with cancer.

By campaigning about prevention, research and fundraising

we keep all stakeholders aware of the causes and consequences of cancer.

By making strong alliances and partners

we create support and strengthen our position in society.

By focusing on groundbreaking cancer research

we strive for results that really make a difference.

  • It starts with you

  • and your friends

  • who together raise funds for

  • less cancer

  • more cures

  • and a better quality of life

  • Together against cancer

KWF Dutch Cancer Society

We are very happy to have you as a fundraiser. Because together with our campaigners, KWF can make a difference. For everyone affected by cancer. Being able to live life as much as possible. We do everything together to achieve that.
Many people are devoted to KWF. We gratefully make use of the power of our community.

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Need help with your fundraising page?

Send us an email via rentegenkanker@kwf.nl or call during office hours +31 20 570 05 70.
We'd love to help!