Where can I find tips on how to recruit sponsors?

Follow our Facebook Community, where we regularly share tips. You can also ask your questions there. You can find more tips on this website (in Dutch).

What is the minimum amount of sponsorship money that I need to be granted a starting ticket?

500 euros. Are you running in a team? Then the goal is that you raise an average of 500 euros per person. For example: your team consists of 4 persons. Together you should collect at least 2000 Euros. You have until February 1st to raise 500 euros in sponsorship money. After that, you cannot get a free ticket through us anymore and you have to buy your ticket yourself at the NN Marathon Rotterdam. So the sooner you have gathered the minimum amount, the better!

What if I don't make the sponsorship amount, will I be excluded from participating?

KWF makes costs for the event so we need to set a minimal amount. We need as much money as possible to fund cancer research. We check the sponsorship amount for each participant to determine who can and cannot participate. With a zero amount we can unfortunately not give you a starting number. That would not be fair to the other participants.

When I run with my own team, is it also obligated to raise 500 euros per person in sponsorship money?

Yes, if you have registered for KWF and you receive your start ticket through us, this amount applies to everyone. So also for team members. The advantage of running with a team is that you can divide the sponsorship money so that everyone raises an average of 500. And you can organize a fun event with your team to raise the amount together.

I have received a confirmation email of a donation. This donation is not booked on my page but the amount has been debited to my sponsor. Can you add this amount to my donations?

Yes, we can. Ask your sponsor for a print screen of the donation on their bank statement and mail it to Patricia via There should be a KRI number on the bank statement that makes it easy for us to trace this donation and link it to your sponsor page. And it is also proof for us that the donation has actually been made.

I no longer receive donation confirmation emails, or they suddenly show up in my spam box. Can I do something about this?

Check your spam box and indicate that the emails from KWF are not spam. You can also ask for help by sending an email to

Until when can money be donated on my page? Until how long after the event does the page remain active?

Donations can be made up to four weeks after the event, then the page will close. You will receive an e-mail when the page closes.

I sponsored a participant but they did not complete their action. Will my donation be refunded?

Donations are non-refundable. Even if participation cannot take place due to exceptional circumstances, including but not limited to weather conditions and (local) government decisions, there will be no refund of the donations deposited on the action platform. The donations will benefit the goals of KWF.